the town hall will choose who will sit in place of the Independence Burger

During an auction this Thursday, September 15, the town hall of Montpellier acquired the business of Independence Burger, located in the place of “the old Quick” place of the Comédie, two not cinema. The objective is to avoid the establishment of a “trade unsuited” to the embellishment plan of the heart of the city. It will therefore be up to the City to choose which sign will occupy this prime location.

Place Comedie Montpellier Independence Burger
On the Place de la Comédie in Montpellier, the business of the “former Quick” which has become Independence Burger since 2018 has been bought by the town hall. Photo credit: Jorge Franganillo

The City of Montpellier mandated this Thursday, September 15 the local public company SA3M pour participate in, and win, the business fund auction of Independence Burger. The establishment, located a few meters from the cinema at 10 place de la Comédie, is better known by Montpellier residents as “the old Quick”.

In 2018, the Belgian fast food chain nevertheless gave way to the “Popeyes Louisiana kitchen” brand, which was initially met with great success. Then in December 2018, Lodaresta group that has established the Popeyes franchises in France, decides to create your own fast food brand under the name “Independence Burger”. After an increase in attendance as soon as the storefront changed, the enthusiasm lost momentum again. The Lodarest company was finally placed in compulsory liquidation by the Aix-en-Provence commercial court in April 2022.

The town hall of Montpellier buys the business of Independence Burger

Since the beginning of the year, therefore, the doors of the premises of the former Independence Burger, place de la Comédie, are closed. No new candidate for the takeover of the business has settled there. One reason that explains the decision to auction this goodwill.

This was won yesterday by the company SA3M, mandated by the town hall of Montpellier, to a price of 425,000 euros. “Above all, we wanted to avoid the risk of setting up a possible Dark Store ora trade unsuited to the beating heart of the Metropolis represented by the Place de la Comédie. We could not know beforehand the actors present at this auction, it was a question in the first place of guaranteeing that the sign which will be established at this address corresponds to our wish toembellishment and preservation of the commercial dynamics of the city center “, jointly explain Michaël Delafosse, mayor of Montpellier, and Alban Zanchiello, deputy delegate for trade. The City’s objective is now to find “the best sign” possible “which will make Place de la Comédie shine and make it, once again, a place where you can linger as a family”.

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