The TV program for this Friday, January 1, 2021

Our favorite on CSTAR: Live PD: Police Patrol

At 3.35 p.m., watch the reality show on CSTAR Live PD : Police Patrol. An immersion alongside local police officers in the United States, which gives an unvarnished vision of America and its crime problems.

The program on RMC Découverte

Dwellings in danger (11:20 am)

Don’t miss the reality show Dwellings at risk, on RMC Découverte at 11:20 am. Here is a quick summary of this program. Mining has poisoned the soil at Rain Farm, Kentucky; the Raney are looking for a source of drinking water as well as an unpolluted plot to cultivate.

14h45 : Into the Wild: Alaska

At 2:45 p.m., catch an episode of your reality TV show Into the Wild: Alaska. To find out what to expect with the program, read on. The snow begins to fall and the villagers of Tanana are preparing for the difficult winter period that awaits them. Residents of Tanana for over 20 years, Charlie Wright and his son Bob rely on traditional indigenous methods to catch fish and replenish their food supply. For their part, Chris and Jessi Morse show their ingenuity to store their reserve of firewood for their very first winter on the banks of the river.

16h20 : Les Browns: Alaska Generation

After a few moments of patience, go to an episode of the reality TV program Les Browns: Alaska Generation at 4:20 p.m. As floods ravage the region, the Browns must work hand in hand to protect their farm.

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As for other channels …

Moms & famous on TFX

This morning, at 11:05 am on TFX, do not miss an episode of the reality TV program Moms & Famous. Moms & Famous is waiting for you!

Stay on top of what’s on TV by checking out the TNT program the next two weeks on!

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