The TV program for this Saturday, January 2, 2021

Our favorite on CSTAR: Live PD: Police Patrol

Don’t miss the reality show Live PD : Police Patrol, on CSTAR at 3:53 p.m. An immersion alongside local police officers in the United States, which gives an unvarnished vision of America and its crime problems.

A glance at RMC Découverte

11:50 am: Popular properties

An episode of the reality TV program Popular properties will be available on RMC Découverte at 11:50 am. Here is a quick summary of this program. New properties join the “blind” real estate auction business in Arizona’s capital Phoenix. Scott Menaged is determined to win his 100th house for rent today … without doing anything. Ed Rosenberg, meanwhile, would be well placed to bid on a residence located by the lake …

15h25: Les Browns: Alaska Generation

A few hours later, at 3:25 pm, you will have the opportunity to watch an episode of the reality TV show Les Brown: Generation Alaska. In order to know what Les Browns: Alaska Generation you reserve, read on. The Brown family are especially worried after mysterious gunfire wreaked havoc on the Browntown shore. The whole family is put to the test when they are already understaffed. They are struggling to complete a new mission …

At 4:15 p.m., discover or rediscover Les Brown : Generation Alaska

Today at 4:15 p.m., don’t miss an episode of Les Brown: Generation Alaska reality show. If you’d like to learn more, here’s a quick summary. The Browns make the most of spring by hunting, and making Browntown more enjoyable with new construction. But in just 72 hours, the family will be forced from the backcountry to the city of Juneau.

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As for other channels …

6ter : Mini-house to take away

At 11:55 am, watch the reality TV program on 6ter Mini-house to take away. To find out what to expect with the program, read on. Tyson and Michelle have a new project to build a 21 square meter mini-house for Chris and Sarah, a couple living in Indianapolis. The latter have a few requirements for their new home: the exterior must be Victorian, be suitable for their animals, with a separate dressing room for each. No doubt you will be delighted!

You will easily find the TNT program over the next two weeks on!

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