The ultimate frisbee is taken this weekend to Bogotá

The stage will be FC Creative Sports Complexlocated to the north of the city, while on holiday Monday the final will be played at the stadium of the sports unit of the Compensation Box Compensatestarting at 10 in the morning, with the transmission of Win Sports.

In search of overcrowd practice of this project, Ultimate Pro Experience, owner of the Ultimate Professional Cup in Colombia and Wins Sports, signed a three-year agreement.

Teams from all regions of the country will compete ratifying the increase of the interest in this sport, which is for export, due to the significant number of players that reinforce the most outstanding leagues on the planet, especially the league of USA.

figures like I am in Cartagenathe nicks Valeria and Manuela Cardenas, Ximena Montana, Maria Angelica Forero, red anna, Elizabeth Mosqueraamong others, who are part of the team Revolutionchampions of the world of clubs and of the North American Premier Leaguein addition to Andres Ramirez, Julius Duke, Ivan Alba, Simon Ramirez, Jonathan Cantorwith whom they reached a bronze medal in the recent World Games celebrated in Birmingham, Alabamawill go in search of the title with their teams and close a year full of important achievements.

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