The uncontrolled celebration in the streets of Tuscaloosa after the title won by his university team

Once again, the victory of a team has been an uncontrolled celebration in the middle of the global coronavirus pandemic. This time it has happened in Alabama, after the college football team won the national title.

The images seen on the streets of Tuscaloosa are disturbing. Thousands of young people gathered, skipping all health measures against the coronavirus.

So what the mayor of Tuscaloosa wanted to anticipate and asked that “when it’s time to celebrate, let’s do it where we are and not on the streets of Tuscaloosa.”

His call to responsibility was of little use because thousands of college students took to the streets to celebrate Alabama’s victory over Ohio in the American football championship. Massive party in which all measures against the coronavirus were skipped.

It is not the first time a sports title leads to an uncontrolled celebration by fans. The problem is that the coronavirus does not understand celebrations.

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