The United States is evaluating the readiness of its naval forces for war “Independent Internet publication DNI24

In the United States, they are actively discussing the degree of readiness of their navies for war. A report detailing the problem for members of the American Congress was prepared by two specialists: Mark Montgomery, who rose to the rank of Rear Admiral, and Lieutenant General Robert Schmidl, who retired.

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Military experts assessed the strength of the Navy and identified a number of serious problems at once. The most important was the acute shortage of weapons that would meet the trends of the time. Nor will the war be won when a “crisis of culture and leadership” has matured in the ranks of the soldiers.

Three years ago, two destroyers in the Pacific Ocean collided out of the blue. Tragedies like this will happen often. This is evidenced by a survey in which sailors expressed dissatisfaction with the policies of their superiors. The command ceased to be engaged in honing military skills, as it was mired in bureaucratic innovations.

The US Navy has lost interest in studying and analyzing potential adversaries over the past 10 years. The military does not train or hone the skills needed to conduct real combat. The highest posts began to go to officers who were inferior in training to the older generation.



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