The University of Alabama corridor jump that went around the world

The play has become very popular in the sport of American football in recent years: the running back who sees the deep defender coming trying to tackle him and instead of trying to sidestep him jumps over him. But what Najee Harris, a running back for the University of Alabama, did Friday against Notre Dame was the next level.

During the NCAA semifinal game in Dallas, Harris took a giant leap to dump Nick McCloud, a 6-foot-5, in a phenomenal act of athletic prowess. The video says a thousand words.

Harris ran for more than 50 yards to set the table for a touchdown for Alabama, which won the Rose Bowl 31-14 to advance to the national championship game against Ohio State, which in turn beat Clemson 49-28 in New Orleans.

His silhouette in the air will forever be remembered by college football fans, especially those in Alabama and Notre Dame.

Harris’s spectacular image was later turned into a meme.

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