The unusual story of the man who stole 20 million from the government to flee to the US and become a psychic medium

A man called Tyler Evans held a millionaire robbery in a town hall United Kingdom. In total he embezzled the government with 900 thousand pounds sterling, which translates to 20 million 658 thousand 636.01 Mexican pesos. His goal with this money was to flee to the USA and become a psychic medium. To achieve this, he worked for three years in a sophisticated plan. He did it during the 2010 y 2013, and what he did was submit 35 fake forms to his managers for a refund. She entered it to 10 different bank accounts including your company called “Paranormal Activities”. The most impressed the authorities is that the man used his own name to transfer the sum, to your friends and associates of the company.

Tyler Evans appeared before Birmingham Crown Court where he was sentenced to nearly five years in prison. PHOTO: Birmingham Court

He joined the city council in 2005

Tyler Evans, of currently of 42 years, joined the city council in United Kingdom in it 2005. He worked in various departments before joining the highway team as responsible of Customer Support in it 2010. It was during this period that he began his Machiavellian plan and sent 35 false forms to his managers. They, by trusting the process, authorized the payments and this subject entered it into 10 separate bank accounts. What most surprised the local authorities and the media is that the money was transferred to bank accounts in your name, to your business account called paranormal activities, as well as those of friends and associates.

It made it difficult to transfer it from the original source to mislead the authorities

Paradise Punia, prosecutor in the crown court of Birmingham, said Tyler Evans performed various transactions with the money that was transferred to hinder the detection from the original source.

“It was planned and sophisticated with false documents presented to the managers so that the bank payments were authorized,” the authority told a local television source. It added that: “as a result of the defendant’s fraud, suspicion also fell on a line manager who was suspended pending investigation, but was later exonerated.”

After his achievement, Tyler Evans it was extradited of USA in December of last year. Thanks to police investigations, we know that the 42-year-old man does not have a fixed address and admitted to having committed fraud due to abuse of trust coupled with another charge for money laundering. This was enough to imprison him for four years and eight months. At the end, Robert Tolhurst, defense attorney for the con man, said Evans suffered from gambling addiction and there was lost most of the money received in the casinos.

He wanted to repair his mistake and rebuild his life

The eloquent thing about the case is that the subject had always had an interest in the paranormal world, so after being fired from his previous job, he went to the USA in it 2015 with around 10 thousand dollars to be able to rebuild your life. While there, he continued his involvement in paranormal events and went on guided tours. The whereabouts of the man are currently unknown, but since his dream was always to belong to this world, the journalistic versions of the local media suggest that he continued with his plan inicial, become a psychic medium and stay away from gambling.

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