The unusual way in which the line-ups or injuries of Premier League players were “filtered”

Feb 23, 2021 at 17:09


Alvaro Hernandez

Every soccer lover will have played the popular Comunio at some time, a game in which, in a league with which you can play with several friends, build a team, and depending on their performance in real life, more or less points are obtained; the better the player in question plays, the higher the reward.

In England, the most popular game of this style is the Premier League Fantasy League, a game that is not only very popular with fans of the English league, but also with the Premier League players themselves. Well, this hobby has become a problem, and Aston Villa has decided to ban their players from playing.

And it happened that when they knew that a player was injured or was not going to play, the squad members ran quickly to remove them from their teams, which caused injuries and different tactical changes to leak. The most notorious has been the leak of the injury of the team’s star, Jack Grealish, after several players of the villains removed him from their team. According to him The TimesThis has led the Birmingham club to ban the game so that this type of case would no longer occur. In addition to Villa Park, this situation has also happened in other teams such as Liverpool, when Robertson removed Sadio Mané from his team when he learned he was injured.


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