The US Congress will convene today to approve Biden’s victory

Members of the US Congress on Wednesday, January 6, will consider approving the results of the 2020 presidential election: they will be asked to certify the victory of Democrat Joe Biden. This was reported by the American media.

Members of the House of Representatives and senators will meet at a joint meeting, which is scheduled to begin at 13:00 local time.

Certification by Congress is a mandatory final step in approving an elected president in the United States. It is required by the American Constitution. Congressmen must certify the results of the voting of the board of voters, which took place on December 14.

The joint session of the two chambers will be chaired by US Vice President Mike Pence. He will disclose sealed certificates from each state with the results of the vote and pass them on to specially appointed members of Congress who will voice them. On the basis of these data, the official counting of votes is carried out.

The media report that this process is usually fairly quick and takes less than half an hour, but according to the rules, if there are objections to the results obtained from any state, they can be voiced, and then the meeting is delayed.
In the event of an objection, it must be submitted in writing by a member of the House of Representatives and a senator. If so, the two chambers diverge, and each congressman can speak, but for no more than five minutes. Then there is a separate vote in the House of Representatives and the Senate, a simple majority is required to approve the petition.

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Observers point out that, given the considerable tensions in today’s American political world, the certification process, which is usually a simple formality, could take several hours this time. At least two Republicans in the House of Representatives have already announced plans to oppose or support Congressional approval: Mo Brooks of Alabama and newly elected Marjorie Taylor Green. Numerous members of the same party are ready to support their initiative, including the leader of the Republican minority in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy.

Western experts remind that the House of Representatives has a majority of Democrats, and therefore, most likely, any attempt to challenge the election result will be blocked during the vote.
In addition, the group of senators intends to demand the formation of a special commission by Congress to review data on election violations. Only then will they be ready to certify the results of the vote. One of the authors of this initiative is an influential senator from Texas Ted Cruz. However, not all Republican senators support this idea: many consider it doomed to failure.

The US presidential election took place on November 3, 2020. Democrat Joe Biden received the required 270 votes to win the vote.
However, the current president, Republican Donald Trump, did not admit defeat. He has initiated a series of lawsuits to seek a review of voting results in several states. It is expected that such attempts by Trump’s lawyers to review the election results will continue after the certification of the results of the vote in Congress.
The final stage of the US presidential election should be the inauguration of the president, who will be sworn in and take office on January 20.

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As reported, today, January 6 The United States is threatening to direct the plane to the Capitol building, where Congress will meet.


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