The US will vaccinate foreign travelers; Texas and Arizona have doses

The accelerated rate of vaccination in the United States has allowed some states in that country to open immunization to travelers.


Some states in the American Union opened vaccination to non-residents, so travelers from all over the world can receive protection against covid-19 in certain places.

The Travel off Path portal developed a guide to find out the options that foreigners over 16 have to receive immunization where doses are available, whether in pharmacies, health centers or supermarkets.

At the moment, this measure has Texas, Louisiana and Arizona. The first two states activated it on March 29 and the second on March 31.


The control of vaccine exports, their transfer of doses and competition with rich countries are the greatest challenges for equitable access, the United Nations denounced.

“Being able to inject the doses involves establishing a complex global supply chain that includes everything from the components necessary to produce the vaccine, through bottles and plastic caps, to syringes, among others,” the agency said in a report.

Aspects to attend to, according to the UN:

  • Control of exports.
  • Bringing vaccines to those who need them.
  • Deployment in the poorest countries requires more funds.
  • The richest countries must share vaccines.
  • Clarify doubts about substances.


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