The vacations of Diego Leuco and Sofía Martínez: the funny video of the couple on the beaches of California

Diego Leuco and Sofía Martínez in California

Diego Leuco and Sofia Martinez They traveled to the United States to enjoy a romantic vacation, after having had an intense few months of a lot of work in the media. On this occasion, the couple chose to tour California, rented a vehicle, took the opportunity to tour the city and walk along the beaches.

On her official Instagram account, the journalist shared some videos of this getaway with her followers. In one of her stories, she showed a funny episode: they are both on the beach when the driver slips on the sand and falls. Sofia’s laughter is heard in the background. Then she slips too. In the end, Diego throws pebbles into the sea.

Recently, in an intimate chat with teleshow, The journalist explained how his love relationship with his colleague was born: “We have known each other for a long time. We had already been at some point and then, no. And life found us again, when I called her on the radio to talk about that topic and we hit it off, and after that note we continued talking, and when she came back from Japan we bumped into each other, and we started seeing each other, and suddenly we were boyfriends. She began to pass ”.

Diego Leuco and Sofia Martinez
Diego Leuco and Sofia Martinez

Regarding Sofia’s coverage of the World Cup, the driver spoke proudly of her performance: “I didn’t suffer because I don’t have an inch of doubt about her ability. I told her: for me it is one of her best appearances in the media in recent times. For me, everything Sofi is as a person and as a professional can be seen in that video, in that video with Messi. Because for me Sofi shows that she is a tremendous professional because of how she says it, for not breaking down, for the moment she said it, for having Messi look her in the eye, that any of us would pee on ourselves in a situation like that, ending up from winning a semifinal, reaching a world final. First world cup that she has to cover and say it that way… In addition, also in what she says and how she says it, she shows the person that she is. She is a super empathetic, super emotional person with intelligence for feelings and an ability to translate what she feels into words that I had never seen in any other person. And that makes me fall in love with Sofi. A few days ago we went to a restaurant for dinner and the waiter started crying when he saw her. And that fills me with pride.”

Lastly, he referred to his desire to be a father: “I see myself as a father. I really like the interaction with the boys. I have a very paternal thing, very incorporated. My parents have been very loving with me. My parents, my grandparents, my family in general. I really want to be a father. I don’t know if now. I live it a lot with my puppies that I know are not children even though many people call them that way, but they are the closest thing one can have until they have a real child. And I have like this instinct of total priority with them. To make sacrifices that I wouldn’t do for anything or anyone, but for them, yes.”

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