The video of the “Magic flute” on the Opera Europa website

ONLINE from 8 January to 8 July the production of the Mozartian opera signed by Vick, which fascinated and divided critics and the public, presented at the Macerata Opera Festival in 2018

Some of the most significant shots of the Magic Flute of 2018, including the much discussed bulldozer

The new year begins with a gift for all fans: from Friday 8 January at 7 pm (and until the next 8 July) it will be available on the website the full video of Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute” staged by director Sir Graham Vick (nominated Knight Bachelor for his contribution to music and society in the honors conferred at the start of the new year by the British Crown) at the Sferisterio as the inaugural title of the 2018 festival #verdesperanza, the first year of the trilogy continued with #rossodesiderio in 2019 and #biancocoraggio in 2020. The Magic Flute, co-produced with the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía in Valencia and in collaboration with the Birmingham Opera Company, had the sets and costumes by Stuart Nunn, the mimic movements of Ron Howell and the lights of Giuseppe Di Iorio; on the podium of the Form was Daniel Cohen, while the “Bellini” Choir was directed by Martino Faggiani. The video was made by Club Magic Audiovision and the television direction is by Stefano Simone Pintor. A work that caused discussion, which has passionate and divided critics and the public, creating a heated movement of opinion.


Graham Vick

«OperaVision is supported by the“ Creative Europe ”program of the European Union, making the most interesting international opera productions available to the public of the network thanks to the editorial care of Opera Europa, a European association of theaters and festivals – reads a note -. OperaVision currently brings together 29 partners from 17 different countries and offers a constantly enriched catalog with full works, documentaries, interviews, behind the scenes. As is known, the staging of the Magic Flute at the Sferisterio in 2018 was a work of great complexity, the result of over six weeks of rehearsals, based on two fundamental elements: the choice to use the text in Italian (based on a translation poetics by Fedele D’Amico) and the involvement of almost a hundred “citizens of the world”, a sort of collective character who commented and participated in the action ». «In addition to the choir and the soloists – said Graham Vick – almost a hundred people are on the scene, to be exact I think there are ninety-five, including locals (about 60%) and immigrants. Mozart wanted to write an opera for the people. We are in an Italian city where a building serving as a theater was erected next to one of the access doors: the population had to be involved; taking part in the Flute – concluded the English director – means for all of them, Italians and foreigners, to discuss and examine different points of view on existence and coexistence, asking who we are, how we react in contradictory circumstances ». “In the dualism of Mozart’s masterpiece between day and night, good and evil, progress and obscurantism, the director had chosen to favor the political aspect of the eternal conflict between those who have and those who have not, between oppressors and oppressed, with the symbols of contemporary power (finance, technology, religion), outlining in perseverance and the need to build a better world the leitmotif of the show “, concludes the note.

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Vick’s Political Flute… it’s magical but not for everyone

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