the watch accused of racism!

Connected watches are growing in popularity, in particular thanks to their many integrated sensors which, for example, allow you to obtain your heart rate, your sleep rhythm or your blood oxygen level. This latest sensor appeared on theApple Watch in September 2020, right in the middle of the COVID pandemic and it has had tremendous success tracking blood oxygen saturation, with a rate below 95% indicating concern and a hospital visit.

But all is not rosy, the New York Post newspaper reported on a lawsuit against the Apple Watch by a New York resident who indicates that the watch would be less effective when the individual’s skin is darker.

Alex Morales explains that he acquired the watch between 2020 and 2021 to take advantage of this oximeter and that he tested the watch on different skin types indicating different results. Following these results, he therefore filed a complaint on behalf of all the inhabitants of the Big Apple who would have bought this smartwatch, but also on behalf of Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.

Alex Morales therefore accuses Apple of having violated the laws on consumer fraud and the brand would, according to him, be guilty of unjust enrichment and breach of the express warranty. Since everything is possible in the USA in terms of lawsuits, this case should therefore be followed with attention.

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