The wedding led to a massive coronavirus infection and the death of one of the guests: People: From life:

In the UK, the wedding ended with a massive coronavirus infection. At least 50 guests fell ill with COVID-19, one of the guests died from complications, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper.

The celebration took place on September 19 in the English city of Derby. The bride and groom violated the restriction in force in the country – no more than 30 guests could be received at the wedding – and called about 100 friends and relatives. Guests came from different parts of the country, in particular from Essex, London and the city of Liverpool.

Dalvinder Kaur-Kelly said one of the guests was her 67-year-old mother, Joginder. On September 24, the woman was diagnosed with the coronavirus and four days later she was admitted to a hospital in Birmingham. Jojinder fought COVID-19 for six weeks and died on October 30.

“My mom could still be here, but she was pressured and went to the wedding. So if something worries you, do not be silent, – urged Kaur-Kelly. – COVID-19 takes lives. How I would like people to learn to think before organizing something. “

Kaur-Kelly decided to share the family tragedy in order to remind others how dangerous mass celebrations are and to warn against meeting with relatives on the New Year. She urged to postpone family holidays until the moment everyone is vaccinated.

Earlier it was reported that a wedding ceremony was held in the US state of Maine, after which 177 people became infected with the coronavirus, seven of them later died from complications. The ceremony was attended by 55 guests.

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