The wedding led to a massive infection of COVID-19 and the death of a woman

Briton Dahlwinder Kaur-Kelly said that one of the guests of this wedding was her 67-year-old mother, Jojinder. After the event, on September 24, an elderly woman was diagnosed with a coronavirus. Four days later, she was admitted to a hospital in Birmingham. Jojinder was treated for COVID-19 for six weeks and passed away on October 30.

“My mom could still be here, but she was pressured and went to the wedding. So if something bothers you, do not be silent. COVID-19 takes lives. I would like people to learn to think before organizing something, ”the daughter emphasized.

The woman shared a family tragedy, hoping to prevent such cases. She warns against celebrating the New Year in a large circle. The British urged to postpone family holidays until everyone is vaccinated.

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