The White House wants to tackle the shortage of teachers in the United States

They are to be exhibited during the day at the White House under the leadership of President Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, herself a professor at a public university.

“Too many schools are struggling to fill teaching positions”notes the American executive in a press release, calling for improved remuneration.

“On average, teachers earn 33% less than other workers with a higher education degree”deplores the White House, which points out that the weekly salary of teachers in American schools, adjusted for inflation, has on average increased by only 29 dollars between 1996 and 2021.

If the American executive does not directly control the recruitment and remuneration of teachers at the federal level, competences devolved to the States and local authorities, it nevertheless ensures that it can act in a more indirect way.

The White House thus announces initiatives by three specialized websites to encourage the recruitment of teachers.

The Departments of Education and Employment have also written to local governments to encourage them to tap into available public funds, namely several hundred billion dollars of voted spending to revive the American economy after the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19.

The US executive also indicates that several trade union organizations will work together on recruitment through apprenticeship.

The White House finally encourages teachers in the country to exploit the student debt cancellation mechanisms reserved for them.

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