The winning horse of the Kentucky Derby beaten by his guide

Today was the 148th edition of the Kentucky Derby in Louisville.

A horse named Rich Strike caused a huge upset by taking the win despite having odds of 80 to 1.

It’s the biggest surprise in over 100 years when a horse named Donerail had won the race by odds of 91 to 1 in 1913.

To give you an idea, only 1% of bettors had bet on Rich Strike.

With 2$, the exacta gave an amount of 4101.20$ and the trifecta 14 870.70$ for 1$. The lucky ones placed a winning bet of $1 on the superfecta which yielded $321,500.10.

Horse owner Rick Dawson claims he entered Rich Strike just 30 seconds before the deadline as he was entered as a replacement for a horse named Ethereal Road.

In the race, the horse Messier named after legendary hockey player Mark Messier.

Unfortunately, however, it is a terrible incident that is currently igniting social networks. After taking top honors, champion Rich Strike was beaten up by the guide who was supposed to take care of him.

Internet users are furious and you can see this terrible scene in the video below:

This is not the first time that an unacceptable gesture of its kind has fueled the frustration of many people.

At the Tokyo Olympics, a German trainer was disqualified after hitting a horse.

See the video below:

Mark Todd, a former Olympic champion, was also caught hitting a horse with a stick multiple times.

Todd had won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1984 and in Seoul in 1988.

Watch the video of his gruesome actions below:

You can see Rich Strike’s stunning victory in the video below:

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