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The main asset of any city is active and caring residents. Human energy and love for the place where he was born and raised becomes the driving force that transforms yards and playgrounds, parks and squares.

How parks and squares are changing

Changes in Otradnoye are noticeable to everyone – both residents and guests. In recent years, the city has been transforming before our eyes, courtyards have become cozy, alleys and boulevards have acquired a modern look. In 2018, Lipovaya Alley and Boulevard im. E.M. Uzilova. Last year, a large-scale reconstruction of the city square took place, where a beautiful and safe light and music fountain was installed, so beloved by children and adults.

This year, the territory near the Cathedral has acquired new life. This place has become very popular among residents and guests of Otradnoye. The rotunda gazebo is of particular interest; it has turned into an original photo zone. From morning until late at night, children’s voices and laughter are heard on the playground. Elderly people are resting on sofa benches, admiring the domes of the temple and the monument to the Mother of God under the murmur of water in the thicket fountain.

This year, the first stage of reconstruction of Pionerskaya Street and Staraya Square was completed. Large transformations also affected the courtyard areas. A positive response from residents is found in the practice of their comprehensive improvement, when not only children’s play equipment, benches, lighting are installed, but also inner-yard passages are repaired and expanded, and parking lots are built. In just three years, 19 yards have been landscaped.

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But, probably, any city dweller, regardless of age, will call the main event of the year the global reconstruction of the city park of culture and recreation. The project “Pleasing Park – Power of Attraction” was appreciated at the highest level: it became the winner of the All-Russian competition for the best projects for creating a comfortable urban environment among small towns.

The architects developed the concept of the park taking into account the wishes of the townspeople, and the builders brought it to life. What is missing here: new alleys and sidewalks paved with tiles, a stage and an amphitheater, a health trail with jogging and cycling paths, a large parking lot and the main highlight of the park – a 36-meter Ferris wheel. A long-awaited gift for the younger generation has become a skate playground. At the request of Otradno extreme lovers, its area was increased. Now the guys feel quite confident here.

“Assistance” in action

The Governor’s project “Sodeystvie” adds color, lyricism and comfort to the city. City courtyards and public spaces are becoming centers of attraction for Otradnoye residents. So, this year, changes came to the square on Komsomolskaya, 7. Here they planted lilacs, laid out a flower bed, installed lighting.

In the courtyard at 21 Pionerskaya Street, a playground for active recreation “Smile” has appeared. Modern sports equipment has been installed for teenagers and adults. Now here you can do workout, play basketball, work out the press on simulators. The kids appreciated the play equipment. A hockey rink and a stage were built in Eco-square, which is located in the private sector of the city, where large families live. At the initiative of the activists of the City Council of Veterans, city streets are decorated with festive attributes in honor of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. A sports ground for playing football and basketball was built in the courtyard at 26 Sabirzyanov Street.

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All in all, in 2020, nine projects received grants from “SOdesia” in Otradnoye. Both the representatives of the city administration and the residents themselves note: “Assistance” is not just a way to improve public areas. This is a unique project that brings together neighbors in the yard or volunteers of public organizations with a simple and very kind goal: to make a dream come true.

Alexander Bugakov, head of Otradny:

– The driving force of Otradny is its initiative inhabitants. They respond positively to the changing face of their hometown, as they themselves determine the vectors of its further development. It is the public who decides what Otradny will be like in years, actively participating in the discussion of the City Development Strategy until 2030. Our vision of the constant participation of residents in determining development priorities, monitoring social activists over the ongoing changes in their home, courtyard, city as a whole, coincides with the tasks that the Governor of the Samara Region and the President of the Russian Federation set for the local authorities. It is only in our hands to make life in the city more comfortable, the economy stable, and the social sphere worthy.

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