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The small and so big heart of our Editor-in-Chief Irina Trukhacheva stopped … With love for her and bitterness in our hearts, we, colleagues and friends, are writing these words of memory instead of the traditional “Word of the Editor”. Now he will not be there, there will be no bright smile of her in the photographs, there will be no meetings, planning meetings with her … But there will be a magazine! We continue!

Tatiana Kuzmenko


How many times in my life I am convinced that the expression “there are no irreplaceable” does not work. Only three years Ira was with us and the project, as if a whole life had passed!

It was difficult to surprise her, but every her birthday we succeeded.

Once we gave her a real star quest. Ira danced with Zhenya Kot right on the square on Podol, drank morning coffee on Vozdvizhenka with the AVIATOR group, sculpted with Vanya Gorodetsky from clay, from the car dealership where we took the car for the quest, the BELLUCI duet was waiting for her and they sang all the way, well, supper in your favorite restaurant with your favorite singer Lesha Sagalovsky … Then she said: “I have never had such a birthday in my life. Thank you!” She knew how to thank!

And last year we gave her a real star and named her after. From the endless depths of the Universe, it will shine for us, support, motivate us to move forward!

Well, for her first holiday with us, we presented her with a picture – the cover of “NATALIE” … And now our beautiful, amazing Ira is on the cover of her favorite project, in which she has put all her soul and love!

You are forever in my heart. Shine!

Alexandra Kostina


Life is an amazing matter, contradictory, unpredictable and sometimes ruthless. It can be very difficult to accept events and come to terms with the consequences that she, knocking the ground out from under her feet, carries a whirlwind. When our leader was gone, and the state of shock held and mobilized in a strange way, there was absolutely no time to comprehend what was happening. And the feeling that Irina Valerievna is about to write to Viber’s office-group: “Hello girls, I already miss you, how are you?” – remained. And now, when our team is gradually building a working life, focusing on the bold goals of the editor-in-chief, the feeling of the presence of her reliable shoulder in every endeavor of the magazine is only getting stronger. The scale of personality, irrepressible ability to work and inner strength – Irina was a charismatic woman with a capital letter!

Olga Bychek


It so happened that I was unable to say goodbye to Irina Valerievna, and this thought tormented me, haunted me. Then I thought, maybe it’s for the best – I will remember her alive, as we knew her! I will remember her beautiful, cheerful, I will remember her charming smile, impeccability in everything – from behavior, demeanor to clothes and hair. She was tactful and at the same time demanding and uncompromising. Her performance was amazing. She was ideal, perfect. It is infinitely bitter to feel the loss of such a person! And it is so inexpressibly painful to write this “was” …

Fate plays by its own rules: the best leave first!

Rest in peace!

Alina Baranova


The legendary magazine Natalie celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. This is two years more than me … I AM THANK YOU for being on the team! For the first time in the history of gloss in these 25 years, we will not have a chief editor. It is difficult, painful and impossible to realize that such a bright star as Irina Valerievna no longer exists.

You believed in me, in us, that we would make the unreal out of the impossible. You listened to everyone’s opinion, in the role of a leader you were a real friend and mentor.

Remember how you always started our zoom conferences in quarantine? “Girls, we can do everything, we succeed, we are the best, WE ARE FAMILY.”

We will not let you down, we promise! Thanks for all!

Yaroslav Gromov


Our acquaintance and friendship with Ira began with her author’s TV project “A Tale for You” about the reincarnations of women, and then she became the heroine of my photo project “A Journey to a Fairy Tale”. It was the desire to bring a miracle, positive, self-confidence, to convince every person that life is beautiful, that motivated and set the tone for all Ira’s projects from the time I got to know her until the last days. No matter how difficult it was, in any situation she said: “Everything will be fine no matter what!”, She also embodied this concept in the post of editor-in-chief of “Natalie”. Ira, we did not call her in another way, our knight in armor and armor with the appearance of a beautiful fairy … May your unearthly journey be truly fabulous

Tamara Popova


I remember the first meeting … But if not with me, and not with you … And the lines lie in poetry, but it would be better to communicate forever!

I remember the first meeting …

An almost unearthly smile … Madam, you have no place in the routine! Madam, you don’t know what’s behind the scenes!

And again this smile, and something she did know …

She’s not from here, where from? And how many rebirths does it have?

Thank you, dear, that you flickered in my life!

So short and so bright. Not for long, but so … I don’t know …

It could have been different … Not everything should be, not so …

Thanks for everything that happened!
Which was very clear. Thank you for knowing how it will be.

Let it be as you wanted … Wanted, burned, burned …
And let, in spite of! – ALL WILL BE! ALL WILL BE!

Alexey Sagalovsky


I think in life we ​​all have people who, it seems, do not need us every day. We can afford to call once a week, or even once a month, chat about anything and constantly reschedule the meeting. Just walk. Not on business. As friends. We are sure that there is time.

Irka was such a person in my life. We didn’t have a reason and time to meet every day, but I always knew that when I called, she would pick up the phone. She will always lend her shoulder and be there.
And now there is no more time. But she is in my soul. Was. There is. And will be. Always. How long will it take.

Tatiana Tuka


Our acquaintance with Irina happened at one of the events in Kiev long before her work in the publication. Thanks to mutual acquaintances, we have repeatedly crossed paths, and after my move to Paris, in one of the conversations about cooperation, I inadvertently dropped that I would like to go into journalism. This is how Natalie’s column on Parisian news and fashion weeks was born. I am insanely grateful to her for this opportunity to realize her creative potential, because she was the first who gave me a start. I still can’t believe that Irina is no longer with us. In my memory, she will always remain a radiant person who always knows what she wants from life, and goes to the set goal with a new exciting project.

Bright memory!

Olga Nyorba


I am grateful to life for bringing you and me together. You were my friend … I am grateful to you for your trust and faith in me and in me, help and support in any situation, sincere friendship and optimism with which you charged me every day.

You loved life and lived every moment of it, you loved this world, loved people, loved the mountains, the sea, the sun, loved your work, relatives and friends, you were filled with love and the desire to create only the most wonderful, bright and kind.

Today I will not cry, I will just sink a little, because I miss you very much. I miss your ringing voice, radiant smile, crazy ideas and a cup of hot cocoa that you always brought me …

Ira, you will always live in my soul, in my heart and in my memory!

Ekaterina Gorodetskaya


Ira … is an incredible person. I always remember when she appeared on the set, her mood changed, she made everyone happy and inspired with her energy, positive attitude.

Always beautiful, always bright, smart, wise – all this can be said about Ira.

A man who was madly in love with the magazine, believed in success and put his whole soul into it.

I want to say that you will forever be in our hearts! And we all know that from above you help us, eat and support us.

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