The world’s largest open mouth belongs to a woman living in Connecticut

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The world’s largest open mouth belongs to a woman living in Connecticut

Her name is Samantha Ramsdell and she broke a Guinness record. She can easily introduce an orange or a whole hamburger into her jaws.

18.12.2022 15:24

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      The Guinness Book of Records announced the achievement of a new world record. It is about “the biggest open mouth in the world” and its creator is the American Samantha Ramsdell.

      A native of the state of Connecticut, Ramsdell achieved a mouth opening of 6.52 centimeters. In the video that Guinness uploaded to her social networks, you can see how this 32-year-old woman can easily introduce into her jaws: an apple, an orange, a huge cookie, a chocolate bar or a complete hamburger. The video has already racked up one million views and garnered 38,450 likes.

      From a very young age, Samantha knew she had a big mouth — her huge smile is clearly visible in all of her childhood photographs, according to the Guinness World Records website. Since no one in her family had a mouth as big as hers, it eventually became a unique feature of who she was.

      “To be 32 years old and to be able to get a record for something that I was really so insecure about, something that I wanted to keep so small, it’s great because now it’s like one of the biggest and best things about me,” she told Guinness World. brand new winner

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