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Phoenix, AZ- With the arrival of the pandemic, many families have been affected and those who have a child with special needs even more, and it is that learning from home can be even more complicated for them, such is the case of Byanca an 12-year-old girl from the valley of the sun who suffers from down syndrome And he has had to spend months at home following his classes online, but it is thanks to a grant awarded by the Arizona State Department of Education that he has had all the necessary technology to not lose a single day in his learning.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, about 2 or 3 weeks because he was 8 weeks a week and he left the house a lot, and he packed his bags and said I’m leaving, he packed his backpacks with his things and said he was leaving and we couldn’t do it understanding was very hard ”, says Ramona Carrasco, mother of Byanca.

The help of Empowerment Scholarship Accounts It is available for children who are in public schools who have special needs, those who are adopted, children of active military, or minors with blind or deaf parents, in total there are 7 categories in which a minor can be approved to receive this help.

“It is easy to apply if you need a birth certificate for the minor, and a proof of address in the case of white qualifies for her IEP and proof of this is shown,” adds Ramona.

It is important to emphasize that you can apply for this aid in any month of the year and once your information is received the Department of Education notifies you of the amount of financial aid with which your child has been approved.

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“They give you a one-year contract, I accept, you look for private school or classes at home or internship or a combination of everything, with that money you can also pay for your children’s therapies, even a tutor,” adds Carrasco.

Thanks to this help, Byanca was able to buy her computer during the crisis due to the pandemic, which allows her to continue her education.

If you want to request this help in case of having a child with special needs, you can go to the page Or contact Ramona Carrasco at 623-202-6070 she can give you the information in English or Spanish on any questions.

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