There was a case of childhood hepatitis of unknown origin in Juárez – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Alejandro Díaz Villalobos, who is a general practitioner with a specialty in Immunology and Pediatrics, reported that the first case of acute childhood hepatitis of unknown origin could have been registered in the state of Chihuahua, which was acquired by a child under six years of age, who is already being treated in the United States.

Although the state of Chihuahua through the Ministry of Health does not have an official record that this disease is found in the entity, the specialist explains that there is an unofficial case in Juárez, which would be considered the first case with this hepatitis in a child. six-year-old, who on April 28 began with the characteristic symptoms of hepatitis and who did not improve with treatment and was finally taken to the pediatric hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.

“The child arrived deteriorated with fulminant liver failure and was transplanted, he is five days after the transplant, the response has been extraordinary, they did an extraordinary job in Arizona, the characteristics of the minor’s disease did not coincide with any of the four hepatitis historically existing.

The global medicine expert said that the six-year-old child who began with these symptoms in Ciudad Juárez was treated in the United States and they made an initial diagnosis and detected it as “acute hepatitis” and the Arizona doctors have not said the cause “logically it is acute hepatitis of unknown origin”.

Hepatitis that is affecting various parts of the world, affirmed that it is a serious disease of unknown origin, since they do not know what causes it, since there are historically known causes of hepatitis that do not fit in these latest cases, which to date There are 450 registered cases of minors in 22 countries, 11 deaths and 20 children who received liver transplants.

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He said that the age group that includes the 450 cases that have been detected in the world range from one month of life to 16 years, most of the cases have occurred in children under five years of age and there is an average of cases between year and two years of minors.

The also delegate of the World Organization for Peace said that more than 14 countries in Europe are presenting cases and in a period of almost three months the statistics went from 163 cases to 450 cases in 27 countries, including Mexico, which already It has different cases.

“The condition is an inflammation of the liver, which can be caused by infectious hepatitis, which are mostly caused by viruses A, B, C and E, which is the vast majority of hepatitis, the second is autoimmune hepatitis , the third is toxic hepatitis and the fourth is genetic or enzymatic hepatitis where there are alterations in the enzymes that metabolize pathways in the liver”, he explained.

He added that some of the symptoms found in children is that there is abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, fever, diarrhea, headache, general condition, loss of appetite, dark urine, the child feels and looks bad, as well as the yellow coloration in the skin.

He exemplified that when a minor has yellow skin and eyes, it is when they have severe liver damage, and that they are not metabolizing bilirubin and it oxidizes and reaches the skin and eyes, and that is why You can see that they turn yellow.

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Dr. Alejandro Díaz Villalobos made a general invitation to people involved in public health to be alert at the first warning signs of signs and symptoms, to act immediately, so that parents identify and send with the doctor of first contact so that they begin to carry out the pertinent studies.

He assured that a hepatitis protocol should be drawn up that everyone knows to determine if it is a hepatitis from the four categories that have existed for years or if it is a new unknown hepatitis that is affecting hundreds of children around the world and that Mexico has not been the exception.

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