these are 5 series that look like Peaky Blinders

If you are passionate about Tommy Shelby’s projects, these Netflix series will give you a great time.

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Last updated the 13/01/2021 at 17:14

Peaky Blinders It has become one of the most popular series on Netflix. Shelby clan plans to take over Birmingham have attracted millions of viewers around the world including me.

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While waiting for the new season, we offer you a selection with other series that might interest you. If that pleases you the theme of gangsters, gangsters and organized crime, do not miss the following lines. These are 5 Netflix series that look like Peaky Blinders.

Peaky Blinders

The Peaky Blinders have become Netflix’s most notorious criminals.

Bad blood

This mini-series tells the life of Vito Rizzuto, a boss of the Montreal mafia. Inspired by real events, it tells the story of the life and crimes of the Mafioso, but also that of many partners with whom he crossed paths. Together, they led to one of the darkest eras of organized crime in Canada.

Year: 2017 Seasons: 2 episodes: 14 Approximate duration: 45 minutes.

Giri / Haji: duty / dishonor

In this case, we enter the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. Our protagonist is not a capo or a leader of organized crimeBut a Japanese detective who ends up wandering in London. His goal? Track down her missing brother, who has been charged with murder and links to the Asian mob.

Year: 2019 Seasons: 1 Episodes: 8 Approximate length: 60 minutes.


In this family, who run a hotel in Florida, nothing is what it seems. A group of brothers who hide a multitude of secrets, a forgotten brother who returns home after a long time. The Rayburns’ problems will show up when they arrive while everyone tries to hide a dark past.

Year: 2015 Seasons: 3 episodes: 10 Approximate duration: 60 minutes.

Berlin dogs

The assassination of one of Germany’s most famous footballers force a detective in the Suburb of Berlin. With a totally opposite partner, they will have to face the organized crime of the city and to deal with the corruption that also pervades the police.

Year: 2018 Seasons: 1, Episodes: 10, Approximate running time: 59 minutes.


This vast series, launched in 2013 and with more than 130 episodes behind it, is the story of Raymond Reddington, millionaire who is also one of the most wanted criminals. Our protagonist will decide to work with the FBI to catch the worst criminals in the country.

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Year: 2017, Seasons: 6, Episodes: 132, Approximate running time: 43 minutes.

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