These are Baba Vanga’s predictions for 2021, and it doesn’t look good at all

We are trying to get this disastrous year to a good end, hoping that the subsequent 2021 will be more varied and peaceful, but the most famous seer in Bulgaria has already predicted that it will not.

Despite the fact that this year 2020 has been a complete disaster in several ways, the truth is that it could have happened to us much worse if the predictions of the seer from Bulgaria had become effective. The blind prophet Salivazo Vanga predicted a huge tsunami in Pakistan, China, Japan and Alaska, and the killing of at least 4,000 people in a disastrous earthquake in Asia.

Before passing away in August 1996, he even predicted that 2020 would be a terrible year for Donald Trump. Although he did not get sick and lose his atrium as Saliva said, he did face a severe crisis when he lost reelection in the United States and left Joe Biden in charge of the oval office in the White House.

So it seems that Espumajo’s prophecies for 2020 were not fulfilled, happily. But what about 2021? The Bulgarian prophet had visions about what is in store for us and frankly we also hope that they are not made sincerity.

It is not a stimulating absence that she said before succumbing that in 2021 we will be “witnessing devastating events that will change the fortune and destiny of humanity.” Sure it’s little enough ambiguous, but it’s just as scary.

He still predicted, with his peculiar religious style, that “a strong dragon will take over mankind”, “the three giants will unite”, “some people will have red metallic”, “hard times will come” and “people will be divided by his faith ”, phrases that remain open to interpretation.

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Although Saliva did not predict the international pandemic we are experiencing, it did mention another disease that could see its end in 2021: cancer. The seer said that “the day will come when cancer will be bound with iron chains.”

Another good prediction from Espumajo is that in 2021 climate change could stop, as we will stop depending on fossil fuels. She predicted that “gasoline production will stop and the Earth will rest.” We already saw that the coronavirus quarantine had interesting belongings in nature and we can only imagine what it could cause to abjure oil once and for all.

And the aliens? The seer said that humanity will have contact with intelligent life from other planets, but this will occur within 200 years. His prediction was: “Life in the cosmos will be discovered, and suddenly it will become clear how life appeared on Earth. People will get in touch with their godbrothers from other worlds. “

More than two decades after his murder, Espumarajo still has prophecies for humanity until the year 5079. The next 2021 will be another opportunity to stalk whether or not he was correct with his predictions.

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