These are the 7 English mega-vaccination centers that will open next week

Seven are the megacentros that will open the next week, in different parts of England, to continue thus with the vaccination campaign against Covid-19. Within them, they include sports venues and convention centers such as the ExCel in London. According to official sources in Downing Street, the giant centers will be installed in Londres, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Surrey and Stevenage.

Although the opening of each one of them will vary in the days, all will have to open the next week. It is further expected that all centers have a combination of professional staff and volunteers from the NHS. According to statements by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the country is now “in a race to vaccinate the most vulnerable faster than the virus can reach them and every needle in every arm makes a difference.”

Current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom

The decision taken in Downing Street responds to the exacerbated increase in positives SARS-CoV-2 in the nation. The latest data available for yesterday, January 7, reflects that the four constituent countries of UK have reached an all-time high this Thursday, with 1,162 deceased in the last 24 hours. New cases, for their part, rise to 52,618 positives.

“The weeks that await us are probably the hardest since the start of the pandemic, so the health system runs the risk of being overwhelmed.” With this rotundity, the British Prime Minister showed himself on Monday, Boris Johnson, after ordering the return of England al home confinement, the third incarceration in the country since the start of the health crisis. Also hI emphasize that people should stay home under the new restrictions: “And that’s why to do that, we must once again stay home, protect the NHS and save lives.” Hours before the Prime Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, announced similar measures for the northern territory.

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Criticism of the Government in the face of slow reactions during Covid-19

The labor leader Sir Keir Starmer said his party support the new restrictions and urged people to abide by them. However, did not hesitate to criticize to the Government for its failures in the treatment of the pandemic which, according to him, followed a “pattern”. Likewise, Starmer told the parliamentarians that “en the first wave of the pandemic, the government was repeatedly too slow to act and we ended 2020 with one of the highest death toll in Europe. Our economy is one of the most affected ”.

“We had a tiered system that didn’t work and then the debacle of the late decision to change the rules on mixing at Christmas,” Starmer explained. “The most recent advice on the situation we find ourselves in was given on December 22, but no action was taken for two weeks until this past Monday. These are the decisions that have led us to the position we are in now, and the vaccine is now the only way out and we must all support the national effort to implement it as quickly as possible, “added Labor.

Which are the mega-centers destined for the vaccination campaign

These are the centers where the vaccination of people against the coronavirus in England will be facilitated:

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