These are the MAEN Group companies that travel to California for the trade mission

With enthusiasm and optimism, the group of companies from the MAEN Group industrial cluster, headed by its president Cuitláhuac Pérez Cerros, faces the commercial mission that begins tomorrow in California, United States, in search of new markets and potential clients.

The visit to one of the most innovative and technological poles in the world includes meetings with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of California, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Sacramento, the Commercial and Investment Office of the Government of California and the World Trade Center of northern Carolina.

In total there are 13 companies from the MAEN Group that will undertake the trade mission to California: Maindsteel, Maindsteel Technology, Maindsteel Automotive, Maindsteel Agro, Maindsoft, A&I Metal Stamping, Conplasa, Doots International, Grupo Textil Longfield, Inseel, Soin3, Covamsa and Uniformes Alaman.

Below, we share the perspective of the representatives of the different companies on the cluster initiative to carry out a commercial mission as well as the results and objectives they wish to achieve.

Longfield Textile Group

Giro: Design and manufacture of executive and operational textile uniforms, casual fashion clothing, T-shirt’s, polo shirts and long-sleeved dress shirts, denim jeans.

The trade mission is an interesting initiative because it is to join efforts to visit various chambers of commerce in order to open new markets and seek clients outside of Mexico, for the growth of our companies and the group that represents Aguascalientes.”, mentions Pedro Gallardo.


Giro: Material handling, rack manufacturing, carton packaging division, automation processes and metal parts.

It is an excellent project. We cannot wait here in Mexico, we must challenge ourselves and look for new markets, new clients and new alternatives that make us grow internally”, says Alfonso Oliver.


Giro: Electronic security engineering, patrimonial protection with applied technology.

The trip is very positive to go out and explore markets, meet other entrepreneurs and see what business opportunities can be given. We want to see if we establish alliances with companies to design technology or manufacture some type of equipment that may be useful there. “, comments José Rodríguez Camarillo.

Maindsteel Comercio

Giro: Steel transformation and bending processes, laser cutting, punching, welding, manufacturing of work stations, racks, shelving

«It is interesting for us to open our horizons to other markets, particularly to one of the largest markets in the world and even more so to California due to the proximity and ease we have in terms of communication, transportation and deliveries with this state. We hope to find good contacts to develop business in the short and medium term“, refers Gabriel Lopez.


Giro: Marketing and distribution of cutting tools, hardware items specializing in the industry.

The MAEN initiative is very exciting, very interesting, because it will open up new perspectives, new possibilities and we will be able to see the market from another point of view in order to take advantage of the opportunities we have.”, shares Fabián Vázquez.


Giro: Custom software, applications, ERP, industrial systems with applied technology

«I believe that for a company by itself it is difficult to do this type of project, but with the support of other businessmen joining efforts we see ourselves as bigger and we can organize these trips with a more prepared schedule. We want to enter the North American market: to know what they are looking for there, in addition to the fact that establishing projects in dollars will be much more profitable for us“, observe Diego Romo.


Giro: Manufacture of plastic connections for the agro-industrial sector, metal-mechanic division for processes of machined parts with CNC technology, plastic injection.

«The trade mission is an excellent initiative because it will allow us to have the opportunity to take our products to another country, the largest consumer in the world, or also to bring us work here in Aguascalientessays Daniel Solis.

Maindsteel Agro

Giro: Manufacture of agricultural implements, distribution of tractors.

«We see in Grupo MAEN a very good vision. This trip is a great opportunity to look for new clients, new prospects, establish business relationships, learn about technology and see how we can innovate and later export.r», comments José Luis Medina.

A&I Metal Stamping

Giro: Metal parts stamping process

«Our objective is to be able to establish communication links with companies in the USA that allow us to establish new businesses that lead the company to growth in the manufacture and supply of stamped parts for international markets.“, says Efraín Mata.

Doots international

Giro: Business developer, which operates thanks to strategic alliances with multidisciplinary activities (Product Development, Textile Design, Graphic Design, Marketing, Production, Import, Commercialization, etc.) in order to generate projects with significance.

Definitely one of our lines of action has always been to explore markets on a regular basis (Los Angeles, New York), so now traveling as a group gives us greater strength, greater impact to penetrate new markets, bring new projects and more people know what we do, so this trade mission is an excellent initiative that we hope will be the spearhead for companies and entrepreneurs”, shares Enrique Muro.

Maindsteel Technology

Giro: Innovation and technology in the electric mobility, medical, machinery development, biomedical sector

«We want to transmit the capacity that we have to be able to develop projects with the United States and that they understand that in Mexico we have all the experience to establish commercial relations with the neighboring country.«, declares Ramsés Urista Pinedo.

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