These are the most and least expensive cities in the US for the New Year’s Eve celebration

Cameron McNair CNBC

Watching the ball drop from the comfort of home is a common and inexpensive way to ring in the new year. But many Americans choose to dress up, party or travel to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

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New York is arguably the capital of the New Year, since the main American symbol of the holiday – the Times Square ball – lives and falls there. So it’s no surprise that the Big Apple ranks number one in the survey of WalletHub about the best cities to spend the New Year:

  1. NY
  2. Orlando, Florida
  3. Las Vegas
  4. San Francisco
  5. Atlanta
  6. Denver
  7. Washington D.C.
  8. Chicago
  9. The Angels
  10. Seattle

WalletHub ranked the 100 largest cities based on a number of factors, including the number of events, the availability of fireworks, music venues, and estimated costs.

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The majority of Americans (70%) plan to spend at least $50 on their New Year’s Eve plans, according to WalletHub. But those who want to party in one of the three largest cities – New York, Los Angeles and Chicago – can expect to pay an average of $865 for a dinner and show for two.

However, Irvine, California, beats those cities as the most expensive place to spend New Year’s Eve:

  1. Irvine, California
  2. Miami
  3. NY
  4. Honolulu
  5. New Orleans
  6. Seattle
  7. Oakland, California
  8. San Francisco
  9. Washington D.C.
  10. Henderson, Nevada

According to the survey, more than 80 million Americans plan to travel on New Year’s Eve, and almost half of them will do so by car.

Party-goers on a tight budget can head to one of the least expensive cities to celebrate, headlined by El Paso, Texas:

  1. El Paso, Texas
  2. Tulsa, Oklahoma
  3. Durham, North Carolina
  4. Plano, Texas
  5. Stockton, California
  6. Glendale, Arizona
  7. Lubbock, Texas
  8. Memphis, Tennessee
  9. Gilbert, Arizona
  10. Chandler, Arizona

Although several of the highest-rated cities are also on the most expensive list, the least expensive ones are not inherently less fun. El Paso, for example, ranks 19th overall.

Regardless of where you are ringing in the New Year, be sure to do so safely. New Year’s Day is the most dangerous of the year, with a 116% increase in drink-driving-related deaths, according to MoneyGeek. An Uber ride home can hurt your budget, but it can also save a life.

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