These are the new ones: innovative vampire soap on Sky

Interview with a vampire….there was the movie? Exactly – now the novel has been filmed again as a series and it’s much better than the Schmonzette with Pitt and Cruise.

The bloodsucker drama can be seen on Sky/Wow from January 6th. The series has a head start in the race for audience favor: “Interview with the Vampire” started in the USA at the beginning of October, has already been extended by a second season and scores a proud and rather rare 99 percent on the criticism platform .

Why? Apart from the excellent chemistry between the main actors Jacob Andersen (we know as Gray Worm from “Game of Thrones”) and Sam Reid, the production of “The Walking Dead” station AMC succeeds in producing a captivating mix of soap, horror story, love story AND socially relevant Subjects.

The trailer is only available in the original version, the series is also dubbed in German on Sky:

Bestselling author Anne Rice published the novel about the vampires Louis and Lestat in 1976, which tells the story of their relationship and bloodthirsty dramas from New Orleans in the early 20th century to the present day. 1995 followed the cinema adaptation with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas.

What gives the series a lot more down-to-earthness and depth than the film is the fact that the erotic vibes between the two main characters, which were already clear back then, aren’t the focus here. Jacob Anderson’s Louis, who is turned into a vampire by Lestat, is gay. The two lead an initially intoxicating love affair, which then turns into a toxic one.

Also, Louis is black. And fortunately, this isn’t just a diversity scam, but an exciting exploration: does the power and violence of an undead biter help to overcome the crippling racism in Louisiana? How well does love work for a white man who doesn’t really understand these challenges? The answers are no, and not really – and the series is well worth watching.

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