These are the only 5 states where coronavirus outbreaks are still out of control. –

The coronavirus infection rate in the US dropped by nearly 45% in the past two weeks.
Former COVID-19 hotspots like California and Texas have seen their infection rates drop by more than 50% in recent weeks.
Only five states have not seen a huge drop in COVID-19 infections in recent weeks, a list that includes New York and Vermont.

In a scenario that played out exactly as health experts predicted, the rate of coronavirus infection began to rise in January in the wake of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. At its peak, on January 8, the United States saw more than 300,000 coronavirus infections in a 24-hour period. At around the same time, the 7-day average of COVID-19 infections was close to 260,000 per day.

However, the good news is that the coronavirus infection rate in the US has been steadily declining for the past six weeks. In the last two weeks alone, the coronavirus infection rate has dropped by almost 45%. During that same time period, the death rate from coronavirus has dropped by 32%.

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However, there are five states where the coronavirus infection rate has not dramatically decreased. According to The New York Times, infection rates in New York, Alaska, Vermont, Wyoming, and South Dakota remain worryingly high.

To be clear, the infection rate in these states has dropped sharply since the beginning of January, but the drop in new infections has not been as marked as elsewhere.

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Take New York, for example. Currently, the state is seeing around 7,400 new COVID cases per day, a rate similar to what the state was experiencing in early December. As a point of contrast, the infection rate in most other states is on par with levels in early to mid-October.

Meanwhile, Alaska has seen its COVID-19 infection rate increase by 8% in the past two weeks. That said, Alaska’s population is so small that the cumulative number of COVID-19 cases in the state is still quite low.

Of the five states listed above, Vermont faces the largest uphill battle. As it stands now, the coronavirus infection rate in Vermont is roughly where it was in early January when it was rising. However, like Alaska, Vermont has a relatively small population, meaning that the cumulative number of infections, just 134 yesterday, is still low.

All that said, there is finally reason to believe that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is behind us. States with massive populations, such as California and Texas, have seen their coronavirus infection rate drop by 50% and 67% in the past two weeks.

Along with an ever-improving vaccine launch, many people are now hopeful that life can return to normal sometime in May.

Up to this point, Johns Hopkins’s Dr. Marty Makary recently wrote an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal and said the following:

There is reason to believe that the country is moving towards an extremely low level of infection. As more people, most of whom have little or no symptoms, have become infected, fewer Americans remain to be infected. On the current trajectory, I expect Covid to mostly disappear in April, allowing Americans to resume normal life.

Makary bases his theory on the fact that the total number of coronavirus infections in the US, when asymptomatic infections are taken into account, is four to five times higher than the official count of 28.1 million.

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