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Last weekend, Sampdoria fans took the liberty of celebrating the relegation of Genoa, their eternal Ligurian rival. The simple result of a dish known to be eaten cold. Back on these relegations which were marked by the mockery of sworn enemies.


  • Procession under the lantern Nothing better than a derby of the Lantern for a torchlight procession. Relegated to Serie B in 2011, Sampdoria suffered the taunts of Genoa, sworn enemy of the Ligurian city. Once the descent was recorded, 30,000 supporters of the Griffin parade through the streets of Genoa to accompany La Samp to her death. On the program: a larger-than-life burial ceremony with a man dressed as a priest, chrysanthemums, a coffin in the colors of Blucerchiati and a certificate of circumstantial death. Ironically, this year, it’s Genoa’s turn to fall by the wayside and get swept away by its enemy, the Lantern.

  • Full-bodied cap Undergo relegation, pass again. But after a derby, better not. Winners of the Corsica derby on April 20, 2014 (2-1), SC Bastia supporters are having a field day burying their enemy, relegated to Ligue 2 at the end of the match and a catastrophic season. A few minutes from the final whistle, Bastia supporters manage to bring a coffin in the colors of the ACA to Furiani, celebrating the “death” of the club from the south of the Island of Beauty. Karma: the SCB is administratively relegated to National 3, three years later. And Ajaccio will return to Ligue 1 next year.

  • Malice in GaliciaSpring 2018, Deportivo La Coruña are already mathematically relegated to Segunda División when they face their rivals Celta de Vigo. The opportunity is too good. Throughout the meeting, the locals sing « Next year, Depor-Celta B » (in VF, “Next year, Depor-Celta B”) and « The second oe » to chamber their adversary. Even when Lucas Pérez equalized for Depor, the jeers of the Celts doubled in irony. The « Lucas, selection » while the former Arsenal striker is far from the Roja and the ” If possible ” (“You can still do it”) thus end up completing the La Coruña club.

  • River-Boca: The Ghost of Supreme BHumiliation. On June 26, 2011, River Plate was relegated to the Argentine second division after losing in the play-off against Belgrano. A unique stain in the history of the 121-year-old club that Boca Juniors fans do not fail to highlight every Super classic. In the bays of the stadiums of Buenos Aires, we always come across « The ghost of the B » the mascot that the Blue and gold use to remind their rivals that they are the only ones who have never gone down. During an eighth final of the Copa Libertadores in 2015, however lost 3-0 by Boca, the famous poltergeist flies over the Bombonera hanging from a drone. For the little story, The millionaires came back the following season, not without honoring their reputation as a spendthrift club with David Trezeguet and Fernando Cavenaghi, who came to the bedside of his training club, as recruits.

  • The final bouquet for Schalke “Of course I would be happy for a year or two. I think the whole of Dortmund will celebrate if Schalke were to be relegated. » Yellow and black to the tips of the nails, Kevin Großkreutz had announced the color while the royal blue were having a nightmarish 2020-2021 season. After 30 years in the top flight of German football, the ax finally fell and Schalke suffered the throes of relegation. It was enough for the BvB fans who first launched a special T-shirt to celebrate the rival’s descent. Before moving to Gelsenkirchen to fuck opposing fans at home with a huge fireworks display. Beware all the same of the flashback next year, because Schalke goes back to BuLi.

  • Club chehAllez, another coffin story. « Goodbye to 55 years » titre Brand April 14, 1986. After 55 years in the Spanish top flight, Valencia have been demoted to the second division, and Levante fans are jumping at the occasion to celebrate the death of their rival. After a procession, coffin with the effigy of the club that on the shoulder, these Levante fans set him on fire, as if to incinerate the club. Ironically, again: the same season, the Frogs go down to D3. Valencia will only take one season to return to the top flight, Levante, meanwhile, will wait until 2010.

  • Birmingham not so Villains Coffin always, but more constructive this time. In 2016, Birmingham fans showed up in their lair at St. Andrew’s with a mortuary box in the colors of Aston Villa, finally relegated to the Championship. The object still allows you to raise £150 for a good cause. “We thought it would be a good idea to take him to Huddersfield (their next match, editor’s note), told Chris Browne, at the origin of the joke, at Birmingham Mail. People could donate money to Birmingham Children’s Hospital to have their picture taken with the coffin. » A faultless as often on the other side of the Channel. Well, what they don’t say is that they had already been in D2 for five years at the time.

  • Independiente DayWhen Independiente suffers the first relegation in its history in 2013, the fans of Racing, eternal rival of the city of Avellaneda in Argentina, celebrate the event, but in a completely different way. In their President-Perón stadium covered in thick black smoke, fans of theAcademia multiply the allegories of death: disguises of ghosts, mowers, of course, and to crown it all, a solemn celebration, candles and wreaths in hand. Despite the affront, Independiente did not last long in the second division and hung up the good wagon in stride. As so often, this resurrection will make less noise in the opposing bays.

  • “Jelly and ice cream while Rangers die!” We could forget it given their journey in C3, but the Rangers have known hell for the last decade. In 2012, the Gers, then three-time reigning Scottish champions, suffered an administrative demotion to D4. The opportunity for Celtic fans to celebrate the death of their rival during a trip to the lawn of the Hibernians. According to’Independent, a supporter offers ice cream and jelly cubes to passengers on the train between Glasgow and Edinburgh. A tribute to singing « Jelly and ice cream while Rangers die ! » become a classic among Boys. At the stadium, same story. We can read « We’re having party while R*NG£RS die » on the banners of the kop. While some appear with Celtic jerseys flocked with the inscription HMRC, the acronym of the British tax authorities responsible for the liquidation of Rangers. We don’t do things by halves Old Firm.

  • Free, but encrypted Mönchengladbach and Hamburg are not the greatest enemies in the world, but chambering has no borders or limits. In 2018, the Dino, almost condemned to relegation, received the Foals, and despite their victory, the HSV could not prevent their descent into the 2. Bundesliga. Borussia fans had planned everything: half an hour from the final whistle, they deploy a tifo in their parking lot in the form of a countdown, reporting the time remaining in Hamburg in the elite. Namely “0 days, 0 hours, 30 minutes, 0 seconds”. The same in the opposite direction, from Monday, for the barrage against Hertha?

    By Clément Barbier and Gabriel Joly

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