These firefighters intervened to save… a dog stuck in a tree

If firefighters are used to helping cats stuck in trees, this time they rescued… a dog.

We are used to hearing stories of cats getting stuck high in trees. Indeed, felines are often very good at climbing to the tops of trees, but they are much less skilful and courageous when it comes to descending.

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This time, it’s a completely different animal that got stuck at the top of a tree. One chiennamed Izzy, decided to chase a squirrel and climbed the tree.

Photo credit: Caldwell Fire Department

Unfortunately, the canine failed to get off and got stuck in the branches.

The dog is rescued by firefighters

In this case, the firefighters can decide whether to intervene to save the animal or not. For example, last year a cat got stuck high in a tree for five days, and firefighters said they couldn’t help. The feline had therefore been rescued by an association.

Photo credit: iStock

Luckily for Izzy, the Idaho Fire Department moved in so they could save him. Rescued by firefighters, the dog is now safe and sound.

“Maybe he won’t be so stubborn next time chasing squirrels,” the fire department said.

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