They are at risk of infection again … a study confirms the existence of a defect in the immune system of those recovering from Corona

Saturday 02 January 2021 09:33 PM

A study confirms the existence of a defect in the immune system of those recovering from Corona

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Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham conducted an observational study of “persistent cellular immune dysregulation in individuals recovering from SARS-CoV-2 infection”.
University of South Florida researchers obtained blood samples and clinical data from 46 patients with COVID-19 in hospital and 39 non-hospital individuals who had recovered from confirmed COVID-19 infection, and both groups were compared with health and negative controls for COVID-19, and most importantly, that Most of the individuals in the hospitalized group had SAR-CoV-2 viruses active in their blood and were in the hospital at the time of sample collection, and all individuals in the non-hospitalized group were in recovery at the time of sample collection.

According to the “thehealthsite”, researchers were able to separate specific subsets of immune cells and analyze cell surface markers, through this complex information. Immunologists were able to analyze how each individual’s immune system responded during infection and during the recovery period.

Some of his findings revealed that if immune cells are activated and depleted due to infection, debilitated immune cells may increase susceptibility to secondary infections or impede the development of protective immunity to COVID-19.

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The researchers were able to analyze the changes over time in two ways, the first was to monitor the changes in the surface markers over time, which were defined as days since the symptoms appeared for the samples that were not hospitalized, and the second was to directly compare the frequencies of these signs between the first and second clinic visits to the non-resident patients. The hospital, for whom blood samples were collected at two consecutive time points, and the most surprising discovery was the presence of patients who had not been admitted to the hospital.

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University of South Florida researchers saw signs of regular activation in hospitalized patients, and also found that many signs of activation and fatigue were expressed at higher frequencies in recovery samples outside the hospital.

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