They are looking for a vehicle of interest in the investigation into the murder of four young people in Moscow, Idaho | Univision News Shows

fear among workersthis area, what happens to himsomething similar to at leastfour cases documented by thetax.maity: thanks, george.the authorities are looking fora vehicle of interest thatcould be involved withmurder of four youthsUntil now it’s all a mystery.for the first time the policeesá revelando iágenesbodies in the chambers thatcan lead to new tracksto identify the murderer.Luis has us more.Luis: tonight there are moreinformation about thecollege students inmosu, the police ask for help tofind the occupants of awhite and white hyundaithis model.the researchers are veryinterested in speaking withoccupants of that vehicle, in theit has been said if it wassuspects or witnesses, butthe police say theinformation they havecould be critical forsolve this investigation.the car track couldbe important, someresearch expertscriminals question thatjust appeared now, almost amonth after they occurredthe murderers.>> they don’t know whose it iscar, where did it come from, and thatinformation should alreadyhave received it, investigated it,solved weeks ago.Luis: the first 72 hours arecrucial to solvecymens like this, 26 daysthen the experts say thatthe work is much more can find out whothey committed this horriblethat the police possiblycould be better and can dobetter your work.Luis: this police officer just gaveto know images of thebody cameras recorded in

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