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Aurelio Cruz, 18 years old, indigenous tzotzil, displaced from the highlands of Chiapas, He left his community on April 28, looking for work in the United States. Nevertheless, disappeared in the Arizona desert.

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“His destination is the United States, but he did not arrive, my sister told me that he was passed out halfway to the desert, that’s why I only saw the photo that arrived, the photo that was passed out,” said his brother.

In Chiapas, the family of Tzotzil origin searches for the 18-year-old boy who disappeared in the Arizona desert after illegally crossing into the United States.

there a group of friends invited him to cross into the United Statesbut on the way he was abandoned for their peers.

“So far we do not have any information about his case, that is why I am calling on the agencies to the national authorities to support me in seeking the truth in that case, if we have the need and my mother is very sad because of his son’s desperation to find him more than anything, ”explained his sister.

Aurelio communicated with his sister Araceli on the afternoon of May 5, le said that he had separated from the group to circumvent the immigration authorities; His two nephews, Maximiliano and Onesimo, 17, who were traveling with Aurelio, were detained and deported.

“The truth is that I didn’t know anything about my uncle anymore because immigration caught me first.”

They are looking for Aurelio Cruz, a Tzotzil Indian who was abandoned in the Arizona desert after fainting. PHOTO Televisa Newscasts

After escaping from migration, Aurelio met one of his companions again, but he was weak, dehydrated and fainted.

“His partner told us to the relatives there we found out that he had already passed out, that he had already thrown himself on the ground, that he had become totally dehydrated that he was no longer conscious. The only thing they told us, that they had already abandoned him, that he couldn’t take it anymore, the boy, is what he said, but really, we don’t know in which area he left him, ”explained the relative.

“I suffered a lot when I found out that my son fainted in the Arizona desert, my son left in search of a better life”

Aurelio is the youngest of seven brothers and they are part of the 54 indigenous families that for six years were expelled and displaced by an armed group that attacked their community on May 26, 2016 for supporting a candidate opposed to the municipal president, Rosa Pérez, Aurelio’s father, Guadalupe Cruz, died in the attack and since then, Aurelio’s family lives in an old chicken farm that the government set up as a temporary shelter.

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