They capture terrifying fire tornado in California

And fire tornado was caught by local television cameras that covered a fire in California, United States.

In the pictures you can see the big flare forming a whirlpool caused by the strong wind that was recorded in the area of ​​the forest fire in the south of the state.

The fire rose several meters and caused alarm among the reporters from a helicopter covering the fire, one of the biggest of the season in California.

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Photo: Screenshot

Why do fire tornadoes appear?

These phenomena are also called asfirenados” o “fire devils” occur when there is a fire of great magnitude and found winds.

The wind forms the tornado that lifts the flames of the fire even by several meters.

In the vortex of the fiery tornado they can encounter gases, smoke and debris that the fire leaves behind.

Strong fires in California

The high temperatures and the intense wind have caused big ones fires in California.

For several days, Californian firefighters have been fighting the strong fire that has already consumed more than 60 hectares on Lancaster Road.

In California these fires tend to be frequent during hot seasons, for some years these fires have become famous for devouring entire towns in their path.


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