They capture the moment when a moose loses its horns and is scared

A surveillance and tracking camera installed in a house in Alaska, United States, has captured a unique scene. It is about an elk that loses its antlers, seems to be shocked at the moment and immediately flees the area, leaving a beautiful memory for the witness family.

In the images you can see the exact moment when the moose begins to shake its head with great force and the antlers detach and fall to the ground. The deer gets scared and runs away.

This natural process is difficult to witness but very common. With the end of winter and the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere, deer begin to shed their antlers so that new ones can be born. These removals are known as demogues.

“The moose left us a beautiful Christmas present,” the family told local media.

The horns are so big that the 3-month-old baby in the family can fit in them. According to information from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, it is common for male elk to lose their antlers in winter, since it is the end of the mating season and because they are very heavy when they are focused on getting food. to survive in the cold of the state.

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