They criticize that the Patios Interpretation Center is closed on the 10th anniversary of the Unesco title

The spokesperson for the Municipal Group of Podemos Córdoba in the City Council, Cristina Pedrajas, has deeply regretted the attitude of the municipal co-government of PP and Cs that, on the 10th anniversary of the Unesco declaration of the Fiesta de Los Patios de Córdoba as Heritage Immaterial of Humanity, they limit themselves to opening 29 of these venues without anything else, and while they keep the nerve center of the Fiesta, which is Barter, closed, 4 as Los Patios Museum or Interpretation Center of the Fiesta.

Alaska, Cantizano and Boris Izaguirre, visitors to the Patios de Córdoba

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In a statement, Podemos recalls that in October 2019 Vimcorsa closed the property to the public, alleging that the company in charge of providing the service to the public was in an irregular situation, and the start of a file was announced so that the City Council bought it to take over the management.

“We went through the celebration of the centenary of the Contest, which was not something to write home about, and that patio remained closed; We have reached the tenth anniversary of the asset declaration and we are still in the same and, honestly, we do not know what the intention of the president of Vimcorsa, Salvador Fuentes, is in this regard, ”says Cristina Pedrajas.

The councilor of the purple formation has also criticized that in this city “you have to be famous to open the doors of what is banned for the rest”, and recalled that, on the occasion of the centenary of the Festival, the mayor himself, José María Bellido, offered to host the visit of radio announcer Carlos Herrera. Similarly, Alaska, Boris Izaguirre and Jaime Cantizano (another radio host) were able to visit him alone that same month of May.

“Another person who was allowed to enter to see him was the general secretary of the PP of Andalusia, María Dolores López, who also had her entourage with a good number of representatives of her party on that visit, and apart from that handful of Privileged people have become the most absolute mystery and obscurantism around Barter, 4 ”, pointed out the councilor of Podemos Córdoba.

Proof of this is the number of times that the opposition has asked Fuentes about it and the only thing they have given was evasion or silence in response, Pedrajas recalled. “One more example of the little interest that this local government has in the city, for its essence and culture and for the rich heritage it has, absolutely wasted.”

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