They denounce usurpations and scams in the Maryland neighborhood

A few meters from the Waldorf Elementary School, between the Los Paraísos and Valle Verde neighborhoods, there is a public and private space that is the scene of complaints from neighbors for usurpations and scams.

Lots fenced with a chain and padlock, visual obstruction with the installation of fence covers, forest damage, indiscriminate felling of old trees on private space, a strange sign with a cell phone where a male attends without giving clear information and even the obstruction of a street to giving in to public space have been some of the facts described in the complaints.

A complaint was also filed at the CAV (Neighbor Care Center) that operates within the Municipality for occupation on Public Highways and Private Property, where the Director of Planning, Pablo Girotto, received the complaining relatives on Wednesday and managed this Thursday for the morning the visit of public services personnel to verify “the improper use of the public space that they were trying to close, obstructing the access to the owners to their lots with fabrics and cement poles,” they told LUJANHOY affected neighbors.

At the same time, they explained that “a police vehicle approached, since a young couple was at the scene who indicated that they had been defrauded by a real estate agent from General Rodríguez’s party, who would have sold them one or more lots.”

And in this sense, they pointed out: “But at the same time, the same real estate company would have promised to return the money and given such an agreement they were peacefully removing the wire fence installed on the public space.”

On the other hand, they questioned that “the ecological damage, with the loss of so many trees, is visible with the forest residue they have left.”

Outraged, one of the owners by inheritance told this medium that “it is sad that there are people who do not understand what a tree is and intend to keep what our great-grandfather bought with his work.”


It is important to communicate, as reported by the complainant relatives to this medium, that “the Subdivision developed by Sebas Améndola Real Estate on Maryland Street has all the approved documentation, is notarized and has no relationship with the usurpations and scams described in this note”.

They also expressed their “thank you to Inmobiliaria Sebas Améndola, which recently beautified the area and for the collaboration received from the moment they saw suspicious movements in front of the subdivision carried out.”

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