They detain 57 Cuban rafters in the Florida Keys and transfer 43 to the Bahamas

A total of 57 Cuban rafters who arrived in the South Florida Keys in three different groups were detained this Sunday by agents of the US Border Patrol (USBP).

Agents responded to three landings and intercepted 61 migrants, all 57 from Cuba and 4 from India. “All three groups arrived in homestyle boats,” USBP Miami Sector Patrol Chief Walter S. Slosar detailed on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the US Coast Guard (USCG) transferred 43 Cuban rafters to the Bahamas on Saturday, after finding them stranded in Damas Cay and Cay Sal, during rescue operations that same day and on Friday, the federal agency reported on Twitter.

Cubans continue to throw themselves into the sea despite warnings from US authorities. Also this Saturday, a group of 40 Cuban migrants was repatriated, one day after another 68 were returned to the island. Meanwhile, 16 rafters landed near Marathon, in South Florida, US authorities reported.

Since October 1, when the fiscal year began, a total of 1,374 migrants from the island have been intercepted trying to reach the United States. The vast majority have been repatriated, according to Coast Guard reports.

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