They detect a possible way to prevent mortality from covid-19

The coronavirus is like a poison running through the body and specialists from two educational institutions, the Stony Brook University and The University of ArizonaThey believe they have found the mechanism that drives their mortality. By doing this, the experts think they found one of the ways to control coronavirusas the results of their research could help reduce or even prevent deaths from the virus. What did they find?

Can a human protein be one of the ways to control coronavirus?

The University of Arizona mentions that specialists from your school, along with elements of the Stony Brook University and Wake Forest School of Medicine, examined blood samples from a couple of cohorts of people infected with coronavirus and found that the circulation of a enzyme call sPLA2-11 A (enzyme secreted phospholipase A2 group IIA) may be the most relevant factor in predicting which individuals with a severe infection will eventually die from the infection.

What does the enzyme sPLA2-11 A?

According to a Article published in the journal PLOS ONE on the relationship between sepsis and enzyme sPLA2-IIA, it is mentioned that said protein can be classified within a group of acute phase proteins that trigger the inflammatory response of the person to infection through the release of pro-inflammatory metabolites.

If we consider that in infection by coronavirus inflammation can occur, so there is already a link there.

The Stony Brook University indicates that the sPLA2-IIA protein has similarities to a enzyme It is active in rattlesnake venom and can be found in low concentrations in healthy people.

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“It has been known for a long time that this protein plays a very important role in defending against infections caused by bacteria, as they destroy microbial cell membranes”, explains this university.

There is the relationship, but … How can a human protein be one of the ways to control coronavirus?

The director of the Precision Nutrition and Wellness Initiative at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences of the University of Arizona, Floyd Chilton, highlights that everything in excess is bad and that in the case of sPLA2-IIA, this is very dangerous.

“When the enzyme activated it moves at high levels, it has the ability to “crush” the membranes of vital organs. The enzyme is trying to eliminate SARS-CoV-2, but there comes a time when it is released in such high amounts that instead of helping it ends up doing harm. It is then when things go in the wrong direction, the cell membranes of the affected person are destroyed and this contributes to the failure of many organs and the loss of life “, said Chilton.

This would be one of the ways to control coronavirus because it would be about the identification of a potential prognostic factor in people affected by the condition.

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