They find a Honduran dead in Michigan, United States,

The Honduran identified as Henry Josué Vásquez, had been reported missing on December 29 by his family in Michigan, Detroit, United States.

Henry Vásquez was reported missing as a result of his colleagues and boss being alerted to his inexplicable absence at work. michigan

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Subsequently, they communicated it to the relatives, who tried to contact Henry, but he never responded, and they decided to report him as missing.

Each member of the family published photos of Josué on social networks, in order to find his whereabouts.

Unfortunately, last Monday, January 3, the family was notified that the body of their beloved relative had been found lifeless.

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According to a police report, Vásquez was killed without specifying a cause and died being violently assaulted.

The young man, in search of the American dream and to improve his mother’s situation and quality of life, decided to embark on his adventure in the United States seven years ago.

Now his people are looking for a way and ask for help to repatriate his body, el Negrito, Yoro, where he came from.

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