they find dolls stuck in the trees of a forest

You don’t have to be an expert to know that if a dozen dolls are stuck in the trees of a cold forest it is because something terrifyingly amazing happened there, be it a satanic ritual, a sacrifice or a movie murder.

Well, this horror movie scene was found by a 64 year old woman when she was walking through the forest of Cannock Chase, Staffordshire. The woman, who only identified herself as a nurse from the Hospital Walsall Manor, he reported on the scene and the old and disfigured dolls nailed to the sticks.

In her report to the Birmingham Mail, she assured that she left home for a walk because she felt trapped, but what she saw left her in shock.

“They were in some kind of order. Their dresses were all tattered, they were all tied and nailed to the trees, “said the woman to the aforementioned medium. Later, when leaving the site, the woman explained that she found a sign stating that there was an old clinic there. “When I came out of the forest I saw a sign that said this was the operating room of the old Pensions Hospital … It was a bit strange considering what I do for my job.”

What does that place hide?

According to the Bimingham Mail, the forest is part of what was a mining town in 1920, which became known as Brindley Village. Besides, the area is also known for the A34 Murders, when Raymond Leslie Morris from Walsall murdered three female students, since that time there has been talk about a cursed myth that runs through that hidden place.

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