They flip the flag! Republican senator calls for Donald Trump to resign

After the violent protests last Wednesday in the Washington Capitol and the posture of Donald Trump faced with the riots, the resignation of the still president of the U.S it has already been demanded by dozens of legislators, but all of them Democrats.

However, this Friday the first case of a republican senator requesting the resignation of the also employer. Is about Lisa Murkowski, representative of Alaska.

“I want you to resign. I want it out. It has caused a lot of damage (…) I think it should go. He said he won’t show up, he won’t show up at the inauguration (of Joe Biden)“Said the senator in an interview for the newspaper Anchorage Daily News.

Further, Murkowski lashed out at Trump, whom he accused of not focusing on the real problems facing the United States such as the Covid-19.

“Either he’s playing golf or in his Oval Office fuming and throwing under the bus all the people who have been loyal and faithful to him, starting with the vice president, Mike Pence”, Assured the legislator.

FBI publishes photos of people who entered the Capitol with violence

The animosity of Murkowski cRegarding the events of Wednesday, it is so much that the senator even questioned whether she wants to remain within the Republican Party.

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If the Republican Party has become nothing more than the party of Trump, I sincerely question if this is the game for me ”, he reflected.


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