They found Valentina Arrubillaga – Diario EL SOL

Personnel from the Missing Persons Division of the city ​​police He managed to find, in the last hours, the whereabouts of 23-year-old Valentina Arrubillaga at the intersection of Juan B. Justo and Santa Fe avenues in the Palermo neighborhood.

To reach this result, the police personnel carried out sweeps in the area taking into account the impact of the antennas of their cell phone and making the journey from the exit of their work at Kentucky Pizzeria.

There was also the support of the CMU Image Extraction and Analysis Division, which monitored the young woman through the GCBA cameras.

His family appeared at the place with whom he was affectionately reunited. The woman was disoriented with a possible psychotic break. The procedural steps to follow are awaited.

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