They locate five Guatemalan migrants missing in Arizona

Guatemala City, Feb 21 (AGN) .- Five Guatemalan migrants who were lost were located in a desert area of ​​Arizona, in the United States.

According to local media, the location of the compatriots was possible thanks to the system Carbyne. This is used in the Center for Control, Command, Communication, Computing, Coordination and Intelligence (C5i) of Sonora, Mexico.

The authorities’ report reveals that a woman, a member of the group, contacted the emergency line to request help.

This led to the mobilization of the necessary aid towards that point.

They abandoned them

The Guatemalan woman who asked for help reported during the call that she, her daughter and three other people were abandoned by “coyotes” who promised to take them safely to the US Two minors were among those rescued.

The lady also said that when they entered Arizona the “coyotes” were still with them, but they left them behind in a desert area.

From this account, finding themselves hungry, thirsty and tired, they decided to call for help.

Following this alert, binational protocols were activated between Mexico and United States to locate Guatemalan migrants.

Later, they were transferred to a hospital in Tucson, they were given medical assistance.

According to US regulations, these people must be submitted to the corresponding courts, for having violated the migration law.

Guatemala will present proposals for the care of migrant caravans

Attention to Guatemalans

A similar case was registered on February 4 in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

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On that occasion, five nationals received consular support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minex) from Guatemala.

According to information, the group was traveling with 44 other people of different nationalities to the United States.

However, the “coyotes” abandoned them, after demanding a higher payment than they had agreed.

When they found themselves helpless, the migrants began to ask for help, so residents of the area contacted the corresponding authorities.

On various occasions, the Government of Guatemala has called on the population not to risk embarking on an irregular trip to the United States. This, due to the dangers they could face.

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