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PHOENIX, Arizona – Dogs can be seen by many as mere pets, but for animal lovers there is an inexplicable and difficult to understand connection with conines. Many see their pets as a member of the family.

Such is the case of Karen, a 26-year-old west of the valley that suffers from autism spectrum, who found in Chocolate, a Shar Pei dog mixed with Pitbull, a reason to cope with his condition.

“She hardly speaks, she is very quiet”, he tells us by phone Marisela, mother of Karen, who describes his relationship with Chocolate.

“It’s like it’s his mom; they were always together, they played a lot. She put a hat, clothes on him ”, Indian.

But last December 31 What Karen never imagined happened. While hundreds of families enjoyed the end of the year celebration with fireworks, Chocolate was startled by the roar of the fireworks and ran off without anyone noticing.

“We took them out to the patio to play for a while,” recalls Marisela, “but when the other puppy began to tear open the window, it was when we realized that Chocolate was missing.”

Distraught, Karen went out into the yard to confirm that her beloved pet was gone.

His mother tells that the young woman has fallen into depression due to the absence of her inseparable companion, and although he does not normally like to leave the house, he now goes out every day in search of his partner in games.

And is that the bond between Karen and Chocolate is very strong since they have been together a lifetime.

“Approximately 12 years, since they gave us their mother, then Chocolate was born.”

It is because of that special connection that helps Karen to be calm and secure that her family has not rested in the search for the pet.

If you live in or around the El Mirage, Surprise, Sun City, Peoria, or surrounding areas and have encountered or seen Chocolate please call 602-592-4142.

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