They march against Bolsonaro to demand a dignified life in Brazil

More than 2,500 people, identified as workers, peasants, indigenous people and members of the popular sectors, marched this Wednesday through the streets of Curitiba, in southern Brazil, as part of the Days of Struggle for Roof, Land and Work, reported the Movement of Rural Landless Workers (MST).

After marching through Plaza Rui Barbosa to the Civic Center, a group of representatives from each community and representatives of the state executive power, the judiciary and federal universities held a meeting for a Public Negotiation Hearing, reported TeleSUR.

The member of the leadership of the MST in Paraná, José Damasceno, considered that the demonstration is part of a collective construction between rural and urban workers.

“The light at the end of the tunnel has never gone out, even in a difficult period, of hard crossing, we always maintain the will to fight, to win, and we never forget our history and our origins. Therefore, hope is necessary and winning is possible”, he assured.

According to Damasceno, the current context in Brazil is one of resumption of popular struggles. “At this moment, throughout Brazilian society there is a resumption (…) I am sure that we will win,” he asserted.


VTV / Ora / ADN

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