They mistake a flock of 25,000 ducks for an oil spill

At the end of last December all the alarms went off in the Strait of Mackinac, in Michigan. Many divers in the area began calling the Mackinac Bridge authorities warning of a possible oil spill. However, it all turned out to be a big mix up. What had appeared was not oil, but a mass gathering of waterfowl.

The black mass that could be seen from afar con formed by a flock of more than 7,000 ducks that came to be considered a whole “oil slick”. This number has been increasing more and more since the first count on December 21.

As reported Fox 2 Detroit, the authorities have not stopped receiving hundreds of people concerned about the ecosystem of the area. They all have to answer the same thing: “It’s just an unusually large gathering of birds,” Although not everyone has come to believe it.

Steve Baker, a bird fan from Michigan recently managed to take pictures of this unusual congregation of birds. Thanks to the images, it has been estimated that, at the beginning of January, the number already exceeds 25,000, and continues to rise.

The truth is that, although it seems crazy, the truth is that it is quite common for ducks to group together to prepare to migrate al Gulf of Mexico in the winter. This is one way birds protect each other: “If you’re surrounded by a couple thousand ducks like you, you have a very good chance of escaping if an eagle comes,” Baker said.

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