They prepare to close the Morelos Dam to prevent the passage of migrants

Patricia McGurk-Daniel, leader of the Border Patrol in the Yuma sector, announced the start of the construction of a security fence in Morelos Dam to prevent the passage of migrants.

The measure seeks to curb the passage of high irregular migration from Mexico to US territory.

Let her say it. “The safety of our workforce, law enforcement partners, and the local community are a top priority,” the agent said on social media on Friday night, January 13.

  • Yuma Sector is dedicated to working with our state, local and tribal counterparts to ensure a multi-tiered approach to secure our nation’s borders and protect our local community.

Why is it relevant? Last November 2022, 233,740 migrant detentions were carried out on the southern border of the United States, according to figures shared by the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP).

  • The registration marks an increase of 1% compared to October of the current year, setting a record in arrests for the month of November.
  • According to the federal agency, there were 204,000 unique encounters, a figure that translates into a 4% increase from the previous month. Of the total unique encounters, 35% (68 thousand) were from Cuba and Nicaragua.

Let’s get to the point. Faced with the massive passage of migrants, the Department of Homeland Security announced last year the Morelos Dam Project, under which the closure of four breaches located in an area of ​​an old border barrier project of the Department of Defense is estimated, reported Imperial Valley Press.

  • The plan spans numerous areas along the Colorado River, including those that contained temporary infrastructure installed by the state of Arizona.
  • The structure is expected to be ready in the summer of this year.

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